5 Benefits for Choosing Kajabi to Host your Online Courses

online course online marketing Apr 23, 2024
5 Benefits of Choosing Kajabi to Host your Online Course

Choosing the right course platform to host your online course is crucial to the success of your business.

You have spent hours upon hours dreaming and planning your online course in addition to creating all the different content pieces, and now it is time to bring it to life. You need to choose an online course platform that will help meet your goals and make your course accessible to your audience. There are many different options available, and it can be overwhelming if you are just starting out. As a Kajabi specialist, I want to provide you with 5 benefits to choosing Kajabi as your online course platform.

But first, let me share a conversation I had ...

I recently had a discover call with a potential client who was ready to move forward with her business. She had spent the last number of months building her audience through regular podcast episodes. These podcast episodes gave her the opportunity to build authority and credibility in her area of expertise by providing free educational content to her audience.

(This is a great way to provide that consistent, new cornerstone content on your website. If you are unsure what I'm talking about, you can read this article learn why: 5 Reasons Blog Posts (or Podcasts) are Essential to Your Marketing Plan.)

By publishing regular podcast episodes, she has enabled her audience to get to know, like and trust her ... all whilst nurturing them into warm leads. She has become a source of education and expertise for these people, and as she looks to launch her first course she is on her way to success with an audience filled with those warm leads that are ready to learn more from her.

She reached out to me because “it is time to launch but I want to do it right.” This is a great reminder to all of us. As solopreneurs, coaches and course creators, we are inclined to believe that we have to figure everything out on our own and we must wear all of the hats in our business.

Let me give you permission to say “No!” to this thought. You do not have to try and figure it all out by yourself. Sometimes to do something right we need to invest in other experts who can come alongside and partner with us. And that is what we at Tiel Virtual Solutions love to do!

When it's time to grow your business ... do it right!

At Tiel Virtual Solutions, we are passionate about empowering coaches & course creators by helping them stand out online, build authentic connections and create a lasting impact in this world – without the marketing or Kajabi tech overwhelm.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that enables you to grow your business, courses and memberships online with all the necessary tools in one convenient platform. Their mission is to “empower knowledge entrepreneurs who are serious about their business to achieve success online.” This platform has everything that you need to successfully grow and sell your online courses and memberships including the ability to:

  • create your website pages, landing and sales pages,
  • build all aspects of your online courses including memberships and communities,
  • collect payments and set-up automations,
  • send out email broadcasts and campaigns,
  • set-up and track affiliates,
  • host your podcast,
  • provide one place for all your private coaching needs, ... plus more!

There are many benefits of choosing Kajabi to grow your business online.

Now, it is not the right platform for everyone, but it is a great option to consider. It is not a perfect platform (no platform is!), and you may prefer some other more specialized options. However, if you are looking for something that has everything you need under one roof, I highly recommend taking a look at Kajabi. (This is not an affiliate link but Kajabi does offer a free trial when you join to test it out.)

Here are 5 benefits for choosing Kajabi to host your online courses:

  1. One place for all of your online course related tools. When you choose to host your course on a platform like Kajabi, you don’t have to worry about integrating the multiple different platforms together. Kajabi provides you with the ability to put all the pieces together in one place so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours how to integrate every piece or figuring out what piece isn’t working within your funnel. Every part of your student’s journey, from the sales page to the checkout page and payment collection, to the delivery of the course and emails can all be housed right in Kajabi.
  2. Kajabi can be a cost-effective option for many course creators. The upfront price for Kajabi may seem more expensive when you are first considering your options as a course creator, especially if you are in the beginning stages of your business. However, when you take the time to estimate the total costs that you would be paying for each individual tool that you need to create, sell, market and host your course, Kajabi may end up being a cheaper option overall.
  3. Build your course, promote and track the sales all in one place. As an all-in-one platform, Kajabi allows you to create a beautiful course for your learners to access, as well as a highly converting sales page to market, analytics for tracking the sales of your course, and the ability to set-up all your affiliate requirements to properly track affiliate sales for those who are helping to promote your course for you. All of the necessary integrations are in the Kajabi platform making it simpler and easier for you to track and analyze the success of your course launches.
  4. Provide a great user experience for your learners. Kajabi offers a smooth buying experience for your learners with ease of access to the products and courses that they purchase from you under the same email address. Being able to offer your learners access to a well-designed course on a user-friendly platform will ensure that your learners not only have a great user experience but they will be able to easily interact with your content and teaching material.
  5. There is a relatively small learning curve to using Kajabi. Like any software platform, there will be a learning curve when you first begin using Kajabi. However, it is a fairly integrated platform that includes an intuitive course builder with many customizeable themes to help you in creating high-converting website and sales pages, as well as customize the layout and design of your courses. When you choose to host your course on Kajabi you are having to learn to use just one platform, further reducing the learning curve that you would have if you chose the route of integrating different tools together.

You can further reduce the learning curve and time you will spend learning the ins and outs of Kajabi by investing in a Kajabi specialist to join your team. We love partnering with our clients to empower them to create a lasting impact without all the tech and marketing headaches.

You have no reason to get lost in new technology. Don’t waste any more time or headache. Check out our Kajabi services on our website here.

Have you considered creating an online course? Are you intrigued about the best option to host and market your course? Please connect with me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know what roadblocks are stopping you in moving ahead with your course ideas.