Hey there - I'm Natashia!

Tech-VA specializing in all things Kajabi and Online Marketing!

Kajabi Tech & Digital Marketing support for Coaches & Course Creators ready to create a lasting impact with confidence!


Our services are designed to empower you with the freedom & confidence to showcase your brilliance with the world and propel your business to new heights.

From Kajabi Tech support to Digital Marketing services, we are here to help you stand out onlinebuild authentic connections, and create a lasting impact in this world, all without the marketing or tech overwhelm.

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Some Little Facts About Me ...

“How do you say your name?”


This is the #1 question I get asked, so let me share the answer with you. The “i” in my name is silent so it’s pronounced like all the other ‘Natasha’s’ out there, but I am unique just like the spelling of my name!

I'm a momma to 2 beautiful children


These little ones, and my handsomely-bearded husband, are the reason behind what I do every day -  helping coaches and course creators like yourself confidently showcase your brilliance and create a lasting impact.

I love a good cuppa tea!


Having spent a good portion of my childhood living in the UK, I have come to love a good quality cuppa. You will often see me with a cup of tea whether it’s a deep-freeze in the winter or a heat-wave in the summer!

Sunday afternoons are spent watching Formula 1


I grew up watching Formula 1 racing (the highest level of motor racing) and love sharing it with my husband and kids. We all have our favourite driver and teams! I will always be a Jensen Button fan and am excited to cheer on George Russell!

Pastoral Family serving in Southern Alberta.


My husband (and I) have followed God's calling into full-time pastoral ministry where I am learning what it means to be a pastor's wife and seek God fully. I love Jesus with my whole heart and enjoy spending time in God's Word.

ISFJ-A Defender Personality


As an ISFJ-A (Defender) personality in Myers Briggs, I love to collaborate with and help my clients grow their businesses. As fellow ISFJs, I am hard-working, reliable, take pride in getting my work done well and genuinely desire to be of service to others.

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Kind Words from our Clients



I strive to continually grow and update my skills and knowledge, through certifications and trainings from great thought leaders, so that I am staying up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies in the online marketing and course creation industries to better support YOU in your business growth!

Core Values

Striving for growth and continual learning.

Delivering our best through exceptional client service.

Working honestly and learning from our mistakes.

Giving generously to local and world-wide community needs.

Trustworthy support providing peace of mind to our clients.