Project Showcase: Course & Email Marketing Support for Louise Carr Nutrition

email marketing online course project showcase Mar 12, 2024
Project Showcase: Course & Email Marketing Support for Louise Carr Nutrition

Confidently launch your signature course with Course and Email Marketing Support from Tiel Virtual Solutions.

Thanks for your help! It was amazing to pull this together so quickly. Amazing support! Thank you!

~ Louise Carr, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Louise of Louise Carr Nutrition over the last few months and it has been a joy to get to know her. Louise helps “women experience their best health during midlife using the gentle power of food & nutrition” through offering holistic nutrition coaching and her newly offered online course, Menopause U.

When Louise came to us, there was a sense of frustration. She had big dreams and aspirations of transitioning her 1-1 coaching into supporting more women through the launch of her signature course. She had most of the pieces in place and ready to go. Yet, she lacked the support to get those remaining pieces in place so that she could confidently and professionally move forward with promoting her course.

How We Helped Louise Carr Nutrition With Course and Email Marketing Support

We focused on three projects for Louise: finalizing the setup of her ConvertKit account, ensuring that she could confidently launch her course and provide an amazing customer experience, and creating an online Launch Party funnel that was 100% ready to promote and share with her audience.

Project #1 - Finalized her ConvertKit setup. This included:

  • Customizing her account with brand colours, logos and creating customized email templates for her to use for newsletters, course emails, and free offer emails.
  • Updating her Hormone-Balancing Recipe Book freebie with a new sign-up form and updated email campaign in her new ConvertKit account.
  • Authenticating her domain with ConvertKit so she can be confident that her email deliverability and sending reputation is great.

Project #2 - Streamlined the customer experience of her Menopause U course by:

  • Creating multiple payment plans and updating the sales page with the correct checkout links to offer both a full-pay and 3-pay option.
  • Creating a “get-to-know-you” questionnaire on Google Forms and linking to it within the onboarding emails.
  • Formatting the onboarding emails in ConvertKit and integrating ConvertKit with her Thinkific platform for a streamlined onboarding process.

Project #3 - Set-up the funnel for her Live Launch Party celebrating her Menopause U course. This included:

  • Designing an opt-in page and thank you page on her website.
  • Setting up the confirmation email and reminder emails for the Launch Party event.

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Client Testimonial

"My experience with Tiel Virtual Solutions has been great. I hired Natashia to help migrate my email list to ConvertKit and set up a sales automation for my online Menopause U course. Natashia is highly efficient with excellent communication skills and checks in for clarity. I feel confident and supported when working with her, and now have a streamlined sales system for my business."

Louise Carr, Holistic Nutrition Consultant


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