5 Reasons Blog Posts (or Podcasts) are Essential to Your Marketing Plan

content marketing online marketing Jun 23, 2022
5 Reasons Blog Posts (or Podcasts) are Essential to your Marketing Plan

Publishing regular new blog posts is essential to the success of your online marketing plan.

Our businesses are not going to grow organically without a little (or a lot) of help. This help comes in the form of one key ingredient – new content in the form of blog posts, or podcast shownotes if you prefer. (As I continue to refer to ‘blogging’, please replace with ‘podcast shownotes page’ if that is your preference as you read on.)

Publishing regular content website key ingredient successful online marketing plan

If you have been a part of my community for a while, you will know that I recommend having a blog post or podcast shownotes page as the cornerstone of your marketing plan. This consistent, new piece of cornerstone content is the easiest way to grow your business online and to get the results from your marketing efforts ... results that bring in new leads and new clients!

Now, you may be thinking, “But, Natashia, how will blogging improve my marketing results?” Well, let me share with you 5 reasons why blogging is an important piece of your online marketing plan and getting those results you are after.

Here are 5 reasons why blogging is essential to growing your business online:

1. Increase traffic to your website.

This may be one of the most important reasons why you need to be consistently publishing new content on your website. Every time you publish new content it sends a message to search engines, like Google, that this is an active website, and this increases the opportunity to make your website more visible. Each new page on your website is indexed by the search engines and the more valuable, informative content you have available, the higher your website will rank in the search engine results pages. This gives you a better chance of new people visiting your website.

Sharing post links on your social media platforms, as part of your content marketing plan, will also encourage more traffic to your website as followers on these platforms click through to read your full article directly on your website. And once they are on your website the chances increase that they will take a look around to see what else you have available to offer them, including the services, products and courses you provide.

2. Showcase your expertise.

Your blog (or podcast) is your forum for showcasing your expertise and positioning yourself as an expert in your industry or field. It is a simple and effective way of sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise, and building trust with your audience that you are a credible source for the information they are seeking. This will, in turn, increase their confidence to seek out your services, products or courses to help them solve their problems.

3. Educate and provide value.

A blog is a great way to provide valuable, educational content to your audience in a way that lets them get to know you. This is a great way to build that know, like, trust factor with your followers as you give them free, educational information. The more value you are able to offer in quality content, the more open these potential leads will be in learning about how you can solve their challenges and problems through the products, courses and services you offer.

4. Humanize your business online.

A blog post is a great way to add your personality into your online presence and allows your audience to get to know the person behind the business – you. A huge advantage that we as small business owners have is being able to connect on a deeper, more personal level with our community online. This again builds on the trust that potential clients are able to develop as they get to know you better, learn from you, and are more likely to choose your services or products over another business that they have not made the same level of connection with.

5. Growing your community.

As you consistently produce new pieces of cornerstone content and continually provide your audience with more valuable and educational information, you will begin to build a community of people online that become loyal to your business and your brand. This community will continue to grow as your content is shared on social media platforms not only by yourself but those in your community who have come to know, like and trust the information you are sharing.

There are many benefits to blogging for your business and I hope these five reasons – increasing traffic to your website, showcasing your expertise, providing valuable education, humanizing your business online and growing your community – help you to see how important a blog or podcast is to your online marketing plan.

It takes a lot of effort to get more leads, more clients and more students from a cold audience who knows very little about you or how you can solve their problem. When you incorporate a regular blog post or podcast episode into your online marketing plan, you are nurturing your followers into warm leads that are much easier to turn into paying clients and students.

Now, before you start being too hard on yourself, I want to encourage you to practice giving yourself grace.

No one is perfect and we all go through different seasons in our business where creating these pieces of content is easier. If you are struggling with being consistent with your online marketing, or even getting it started, you are not alone. And you do not have to struggle by yourself. Give yourself some grace, take a deep breath and choose to start again today.

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